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Software Geared to the Shortwave Hobbyist

Please note that after a stretch of 15 years, we have decided to shut down the commercial side of FineWare on 30 Apr 2004.

We also discontinued providing SWBC Schedules data and RLDB on 26 Sept 2004. Please read the FAQ to learn how to prevent RLDB from dowloading from our site.

We no longer take orders for any software nor software upgrades. We no longer provide any software support. Requests for support will go unanswered.

We wish to thank all of those that supported us over the years... it's been one hell of a ride.

FineWare Information:
About FineWare - Who are we?
Frequently Asked Questions - And answers
Contacting FineWare - via E-mail, Internet Phone and more...
General Information (shortwave and otherwise):
Smart Gnome Control - Open-source receiver control for LINUX using HAMLIB.
DAMNED VIRUSES!!! - People with e-mail viruses that still don't know it.
DRM info - Experimenting with Digital Radio Mondiale on an NRD-535D.
SCA info - Information on Subsidiary Carrier Authorization signals.
Vint Hill Farms Station Redux... - A pictoral satire on the base closure
I hate snow with a vengance...

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